More Opportunities within Shoprite Group

Shoprite Group believes in the vital role our employees play, and we're driven by the philosophy of "Powered by our People". This is evident in the focus we place on the learning and development of staff to ensure exciting career opportunities for star performers. We're committed to driving transformation in the workplace in line with our comprehensive Employment Equity Plan.


  • Operations - Stores/Branches (Regional Personnel Managers etc.)
  • Recruitment & Selection (Recruitment Officers, Managers etc.)
  • Learning & Development (Training Managers, Skills Development Facilitators etc.)
  • Employee & Industrial Relations (IR Specialists etc.)
  • Remuneration (Remuneration Specialists, Remuneration Analysts etc.)
  • Benefits & Payroll (Benefits Managers, Human Resources Admin Officers, Payroll Specialists & Clerks etc.)
  • Workforce Management (Productivity Officers, Industrial Engineers etc.)

Our IT Department has earned a reputation as a technological innovator in the retail sector by following a "best of breed" approach to provide effective systems that touch on every aspect of the value chain, from the contents and scheduling of advertising to the design of store check-outs.


  • Development & Support (Developers Support Programmers, SAP Specialists, Functional Analysts etc.)
  • Business Intelligence & Integration (Business Intelligence Analysts & Developers, Managers, Team Leaders etc.)
  • Business Solutions (Business Analysts etc.)
  • Services Support (Field Service Engineers, First Line Support, Support Engineers etc.)
  • Technical Services (Systems Engineers, Network Administrators, Database Administrators, Database Specialists etc.)
  • Governance (Quality Assurance, Testers etc.)
  • Project Office (Project Managers, Project Administrators etc.)

We have an internal financial audit team consisting of fully qualified personnel, including several chartered accountants, who monitor the internal control systems and report to directors on findings and recommendations.


  • Debtors (Debtors Clerks, Accountants, Managers etc.)
  • Creditors (Creditors Clerks, Accountants, Managers etc.)
  • Internal Auditing (Internal Auditors etc.)
  • Systems (Financial Systems Managers, Project Managers etc.)
  • Projects (Project Managers, Project Accountants etc.)
  • Tax (Tax Specialists etc.)
  • Insurance (Insurance Managers, Claims Clerks etc.)
  • Financial Accounting (Chartered Accountants, Financial Accountants etc.)
  • Management Accounting (Management Accountants etc.)
  • Risk Management (Loss Control Specialists etc.)

Our Supply Chain Management division strives to ensure that our consumers have uninterrupted access to the right products at the right place, at the right time, at the lowest possible prices.

We are the largest distributor of fast-moving consumer goods and the leader in associated technology, and we actively control the distribution of products from manufacturer to the time when the customer purchases the item from the shelf at retail outlets.


  • International Trade (International Trade Specialists, Importers, Exporters, Compliance Specialists, Forwarding Specialists etc.)
  • Logistics & Supply Chain (Logistics and Supply Chain Experts, Industrial Engineers, Supply Chain Information Technology Experts etc.)
  • Procurement (Demand Planners, Value Chain Analysts etc.)
  • Distribution Centre Operations (Shift Managers, Operators etc.)

We are also in search of talented individuals studying in the Mathematical Science/ Operational Research field.

Our property division provides the Group's retail operations with a sustainable and ever-expanding base of trading locations, and in doing so ensures representation for our various retail brands in the appropriate market localities. They also design new retail premises and stores, conduct lease negotiations with external landlords and manage the Group's owned buildings and head lease properties.


  • Business & Property Development (Business Development Manager - B. Proc LLB Graduates with 2 years post-articles experience etc.)
  • Property Management (Centre & Property Managers etc.)
  • Property Finance (Creditors Clerks, Debtors Clerks, Reconciliation Clerks etc.)

Buyers are responsible for the procurement of products (food and non-food) at the best prices, shaping the shopping patterns of customers, and determining and maintaining the selling prices of products in the stores to ensure the trading brands maintain their price and marketing position.

Daily tasks include negotiations with suppliers on pricing and promotion of products, analysing product category performance, identifying opportunities to grow sales and determining the range of items to be sold. Ever increasing international sourcing of products as well as our expansion into Africa offers international trading exposure.


  • Buying - Foods & Non-Foods (Trainee Buyers, Buyers etc.)
  • Planning (Data Analysts, Planners etc.)

Our Marketing Department's mission is to increase awareness, support and loyalty among shoppers of the supermarket brands Shoprite, Checkers and Usave.

They create, design and implement strategic marketing communications initiatives that include advertising, promotional materials and publications, media liaison, function and event management, strategic relationship-building initiatives, corporate social investment as well as internal communication strategies, all aimed at ensuring our brands remain relevant to the more than 20 million shoppers who visit the Group's stores every month.


  • Marketing & Advertising (Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, Assistant Brand Managers, Marketing Coordinators etc.)
  • Digital (Digital & Content Managers, Customer Insights Managers, Social Media Coordinators, Trainees etc.)
  • Public Relations (PR Assistants, Event and Promotions Managers, Corporate Social Officers etc.)
  • Corporate Communications (Customer Service Centre Agents, Customer Relations Officers, Customer Complaints Officer etc.)
  • Private Label & Packaging Design (Packaging Designers, Projects Officers etc.)

MediRite Pharmacies fulfil an increasingly important function in meeting the growing health and wellness needs of the consumer at affordable prices. Our healthcare professionals are not only expected to be knowledgeable and experienced but to also place emphasis on quality service and compassionate consideration for each patient.


  • Pharmacies - Retail (Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Pharmacist Assistants, Basic & Post Basic Qualifications etc.)